Treating Child Toothaches in San Diego Quickly

When your child has a toothache or has experienced an injury to their teeth, it’s important to receive care promptly. 

Lil Smiles, the San Diego pediatric dental practice of Dr. David Toppi provides the quick attention they need to relieve discomfort and prevent a small issue from becoming a big problem.

Common Dental Treatments for Tooth Pain

Dr. Toppi offers comprehensive dental care for children and can help your child feel better fast while preserving their dental function. The following treatments are commonly required to address toothaches and injuries.

Amalgam-Free, Tooth-Colored Fillings – Cavities are usually to blame for toothaches. After cleaning out the tooth, Dr. Toppi restores it with these mercury-free fillings that are durable, safe, and match your child’s tooth color to maintain a uniform smile.

Pulpotomy – Sometimes referred to as a “baby root canal,” this treatment is necessary when decay has reached the tooth’s center. In this case, bacteria are often present in the nerve and must be cleared from the intricate inner chamber of the tooth.

Antibiotic Treatment – If indications of a dental infection are found, Dr. Toppi will prescribe antibiotics before or after other necessary treatment(s) are completed, depending on the extent of the infection.

Crowns – Children who have undergone a pulpotomy, or have extensive decay, may need a crown placed on the tooth. A crown protects the tooth and maintains function while preserving its position as a space saver for the permanent tooth.

Call our San Diego Pediatric Dentist to Learn More

Kids deserve to receive gentle dental care from a dentist who exclusively sees children. Dr. Toppi’s approach is calming and helps put his young patients at ease. If your child experiences the discomfort of a dental emergency in Mission Valley, Del Cerro, or anywhere in Central San Diego County, contact us today.


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