Sedation Treatments To Maximize Your Child's Comfort At The Dentist

At Lil' Smiles, the pediatric dental office of Dr. David Toppi, we specialize in treating children. Dr. Toppi understands that some kids require help to relax when they visit the dentist. Lil’ Smiles provides sedation dentistry for their patients who need this assistance to receive proper dental care. 

Dr. Toppi and his team work together to provide an improved experience for our young patients and offer a unique sedation option to maximize comfort during treatment.

Why Do Some Children Need Dental Sedation?

There are many reasons your child may need sedation. The most common cases in which relaxation may be difficult for a child include:

  • Dental Anxieties or Phobias
  • Compliance Issues
  • Special Needs 
  • Extensive Dental Procedures

Understanding Children’s Dental Sedation

We offer I.V. sedation (general anesthesia) performed by a dental anesthesiologist.

Intravenous Sedation - Commonly known as I.V. sedation or general anesthesia, this sedation technique provides a way of effectively completing all dental care after your child drifts off to sleep. You can be confident knowing that I.V. sedation is fully monitored and administered by a trained dental anesthesiologist. 

The use of I.V. sedation allows Dr. Toppi to complete several dental procedures in just one appointment, without fear or any memory of their treatment.  Dr. Toppi will recommend the most appropriate sedation technique to address the unique needs of his pediatric patients, including possible alternatives utilizing nitrous oxide or oral sedation. 

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